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The Highlander is named after the Scottish Highlands. This area is famous for its hospitality and picturesque beauty. The Highlands provided safe refuge and comfort for such Scottish Heroes as Robert the Bruce, Rob Roy MacGregor, and William Wallace.

Spend your lunch or evenings with us, enjoy our fine food, any of our 200 single malt scotch whiskies or a pint of your favourite brews from one of our 17 taps.

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The History of the Three Legged Haggis

A Haggis is a small three-legged animal native to the highland glens of Scotland. The Haggis was named, in the year 1167 when first sighted by Alistair MacTavish. In the company of Jock MacTavish, he asked "Is that a hedgehog?" Alastair MacTavish replied - "No that is nae a hedgehog- but what the Hag is that ?"

The name has entered into history. The practice of hunting the Haggis with packs of docile, blind-folded, Skye terriers wearing kilts had led leading Haggis experts to fear for the survival of these endearingly cute and friendly little creatures. The G 7, reflecting their unswerving commitment to the environment, have declared an end to the yearly Haggis Hunt. Our own Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, is undertaking the creation of a Haggis registry, (formerly the gun registry. Projected cost similar to other registries and Ad campaigns.)

Locally, our Mayor Mr. MacWatson has presented a motion to have the Haggis proclaimed the symbol of the LRT. Haggis move much more quickly. The first Haggis sighting in Ottawa was by our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, a Scot, who sighted a Haggis cavorting on the steps of the senate Chamber on Parliament Hill. (Haggis can instinctively sense habitats where there is no human activity).

The Highlander pub is dedicated to preserving the Haggis.
Join us and become pro-active In our city - declare the Haggis our symbol
In our country - visit the senate - custodians get lonely In our world - protect the Haggis

Please note: this history is the result of hysterical research and single malt scotch



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