February Scotch 2019, Winterlude ICE Edition

It’s about to get ICY in here! Come to our special Winterlude 2019 Scotch Tasting!

WHEN: Sunday February 10th at 2pm (that is THIS weekend!)

WHERE: The Highlander Pub, 115 Rideau Street!

PRICE: $77.95


RSVP BY EMAIL: scotchclub@thehighlanderpub.com

You’ve heard of High Tea?

This is High Whisky, Winterlude Style

Auchentoshan is known as the Breakfast Scotch in the whisky world… so we’ve decided to bring to you breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert whiskies for this tasting. Single Malts that will go down smooth and easy at any hour of the day! 

Our big finale will include the VERY special Highland Park Ice Edition (17 year old!), which takes off where Highland Park’s incredible Valhalla collection ended. Ice Edition represents one-half of a very special two-part bottling, celebrating the Viking sagas from oldest recorded Norse poems, the Poetic Edda. This release of only 30,000 bottles is in honour of the Ice Realm of Niflheim, designed to reflect shards of glittering ice in this glacial blue bottle.

Here is the rest of the lineup for Sunday:

Auchentoshan American Oak

Auchentoshan 18 Year Old

Aberfeldy 12

Aberfeldy 21

Oban 14 Years Old

Oban Distiller’s Edition

and finally….

Highland Park Magnus

Highland Park ICE EDITION

This scotch tasting is worth almost $100, but our special Winterlude 2019 price is only $77.95. Our tastings always sell out, and there are only 44 SPACES AVAILABLE, so RSVP below now!

We will post on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages when there are no more spaces.

Nibbles and Bites will also be provided, as usual, by the talented Chef Joseph Soulton

Your host,

David Sharp 🥃


For any questions about scotch tastings, please do not hesitate to email David at scotchclub@thehighlanderpub.com

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