World Renowned Draughts

Tennent's Lager (Scotland)

Crisp, sharp, satisfying with a hint of fruit and sugar, with a hoppy taste in the background

Pint 7.74  1/2 Pint 3.93   Pitcher 22.75

Bellhaven Black Stout - (Scotland)

Bellhaven black Scottish stout is really something different.  Bursting with roasted coffee and chocolate flavors, this is a truly genuine and premium pint  Brewed using pure Scottsh water and a unique blend of Scottish triple malts sourced from the finest locally grown barley.   Proud to say, we're only pub in Canada serving it.

Pint 7.74  1/2 Pint 3.93    Pitcher 22.75

Czechvar Pilsner (Czech R.)

Created for royalty, Emperor Ferdinand 450 years ago. Clean, crisp taste, hunt of caramel, easy drinking.

Pint 7.74  1/2 Pint 3.93    Pitcher 22.75

Innis and Gunn (Scotland)

Malt toffee, mellow oak with vanilla balanced by citrus character

6.6% A.P.V  Pint 7.74  1/2 Pint 3.93   Pitcher 22.75

Kronenbourg Blanc (France)

White peach with layers of dried citrus peel and cloves. The finish is long and clean

Pint 7.74  1/2 Pint 3.93    Pitcher 22.75

Somersby Cider (Denmark)

Pear fruitiness, a bit of apple skin, sweet with a slightly caramel sugarines.

Pint  7.52   1/2 Pint  3.93   Pitcher 22.75

Brewdog Punk IPA (Scotland)

World hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit and an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee

Pint 8.40     1/2 Pint 4.2    Pitcher 23.45

Canadian Micro Brewed Draughts

Barking Squirrel (Brampton)

A smooth, medium body, pleasant hop taste, flavourful, not "Cold as Ice" beer with no taste

Pint 7.3  1/2 Pint 3.7  Pitcher 21.25

Cracked Canoe (St John)

A slow, brewed premium light beer, low carb. less than 140 calories per pint and it tastes good.

Pint 6.85  1/2 Pint 3.5  Pitcher 19.91

Moosehead Lager (St. John)

Canada's only, family owned, independent national brewery. Hoppy, herby flavour, with a dry, lingering finish.

Pint 6.85  1/2 Pint 3.5  Pitcher 19.91

Amsterdam Boneshaker(Toronto)

Our very first batch of Boneshaker was brewed for a local IPA challenge.  Our brewers poured copious amounts of hops into the brew, balanced it our with 4 different malts, decided to leave it then unfilter it and aloow it to naturally carbonate.  A truely unique taste experience and award winning IPA.  Expect fresh grapefruit and pine aromas followed by massive hop flavours.

Pint 7.3  1/2 Pint 3.5  Pitcher 21.25

The Highlander's Micro Brewed Claymore Draught

Claymore Lager

Fresh, crisp, with a light hoppy finish

Claymore Amber
Malt and nut with a spicy hop aftertaste

Pint 5.98  1/2 Pint 3.30  Pitcher 16.99  Party Keg 21.20

Our 4 Pint 80 oz Ice Cold Party Keg  21.01





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